On Gun Culture "It is up to all of us to keep the momentum going."Obama

Tragic acts of gun violence continue to plague communities across the country, but last week, with several OFA volunteers in attendance, President Obama announced a series of common-sense executive actions that will help save lives.

OFA organizers are on the front lines of the fight for gun violence prevention—and they're continuing to push for a comprehensive solution to this problem. For those who attended the event at the White House, watching President Obama's announcement proved incredibly moving.

Greg, a long-time organizer and a gun violence survivor, said the experience was "one of the most powerful days" of his life.

"Last week I got to sit in the White House amongst so many people who had survived gun-related tragedies, and watched President Obama doing literally everything in his power to help end gun violence," he said. "It was such an emotional feeling."

The President's executive actions are a big step forward in making our communities safer, although a long-term solution can only come from Congress.

Still, for organizers like OFA-Ohio state lead Martha, who was personally affected by a gun violence tragedy, the President's actions mark a crucial moment in the push for progress on this issue.

"The actions the President took today, I truly believe, will help other families,” she told local press after her visit to the White House.

Later in the week, Greg and Martha shared their own stories, speaking on OFA's call with President Obama. Both emphasized the continued need for strong action to prevent future gun violence tragedies.

OFA-Portland chapter co-lead Judy, who also watched President Obama's announcement in person, echoed this point.

"To be there in the presence of so many survivor families who have ached for this day was to be lifted up and filled with renewed energy for the long campaign to change the hearts and votes of elected officials at all levels," she said. "The tears we all shed refreshed our commitment. President Obama gave the tipping point on gun sense a hard push, but it is up to all of us to keep the momentum going."

The President's executive actions are critical steps in preventing gun violence, but Congress still needs to act to implement a comprehensive, long-term solution. And so far, they've done nothing to address this issue—but that can change.

Every voice matters in this fight, especially when it comes to calling on Congress to do something about gun violence. So speak up and say you're ready for action.


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